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The New England Law community is made up of an array of unique individuals who start their legal careers with us, and go on to accomplish great things.

Let us introduce you to your future classmates and fellow alumni:

Christopher Hernandez

Balancing Law School & Weightlifting: Christopher Hernandez ’23

The question everyone’s thinking, but is too afraid to ask: Does going to law school mean having to give up my hobbies, social life, and all of my free time? Christopher Hernandez gives us his advice on balancing life and law school. Read more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



Part-Time Law Student, Full-Time Innovator: Ryan Groff ’20

Full-time husband, full-time dad, full-time paralegal and firm administrator, and part-time law student: as if the challenges of balancing all these roles wasn’t enough, Groff’s passion for innovation has him striving to advance the legal profession as a whole. Read more.


The Path to Becoming a Public Defender: Jordan Strand ’19

How do you become a public defender? You set your mind to it, you go to law school, and you work really hard, just like recent New England Law graduate. Read more.


Finding an Immigration Law Role Model: Galya Martin ’19

Sometimes, a professor can change the course of your law school career, even your life. Such was the case for Galya Martin ’19, who found a treasured role model for her immigration law career in New England Law | Boston Professor Dina Haynes. Read more.

My Law School Story Ryan Breen Sports Law

Taking it to the Ice with Sports Law: Ryan Breen ’19

What’s it like studying sports law? Ryan Breen ’19 had always loved hockey, and when it became clear that he wanted to work behind the scenes instead of on the ice, law school was the perfect next step. Read more.


Putting Public Service Above Self: Philjay S. Solar ’19

Philjay Solar ’19 always wanted to work in public service. But after spending two years teaching with City Year, he knew he had to do more to help his students. He decided to study public interest law, so he'd gain the tools and experience he needed to achieve even more change. Read more.


Becoming a U.S. Army JAG Intern: Sabrina Rocco '19

Sabrina Rocco ’19 knew she would serve her country one day. During her summer internship with the Judge Advocates General’s (JAG) Corps, she got her chance. This is her story. Read more.


The Benefits of Being a “Nontraditional” Law Student: Chelsea Carlton '19

Like many “nontraditional” law students, Chelsea Carlton’s path to law school had many twists and turns, ups and downs. But those experiences and challenges were a blessing, not a curse, in preparing for law school. And that’s what she wants other nontraditional law students to learn from her story. Read more.


Attending Law School as a Police Officer: Byron Foote ’18

The son of a Boston police officer, Byron Foote ’18 grew up aspiring to either enter the police academy or attend law school. In the end, he chose both, going to law school part time while serving on the force. Read more.


Finding a Law School Family: Czara Venegas ’18

For Czara Venegas ’18, earning her JD seemed like the perfect way to empower herself—and others—through the law. But when her personal life threw some curveballs, she relied on the New England Law community to reach the end of her journey. Read more.